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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Music Is The Key To My Heart

i told someone something along the lines of the title of this post, or maybe it was music is my life, i told the person one or the other, anywho, their response. That is sad. You know what is really sad, do you know what breaks me?? i try to pour my heart out to this person, but this person does not listen, and this is why i do not feel comfortable telling this person these things, i feel like anyone i tell, listens, but at the same time does not, especially with understanding, this is why i prefer contact with friends, so i have someone that will understand me, but music is a way to wash all my worries just to brighten my day,along with that, there are songs, that can lift your heart, if any of you have been in anyway connected to bullying, i want you to watch and listen to these videos and let them set you free:

Hopeful by Bars and Melody
Mean Girls by Rachel Crow
Invisible by Hunter Hayes
Shining Star by Victoria Vida
Stronger by Megan Landry
Are You Happy Now by Megan and Liz
I Am Stronger by Unkle Adams
Fighter by Jamie Grace
True Colors
Pushed Away by Helena Albert

So far, i only have those songs, and I am doing what i can to make my own bullying song, but yea, so, it upsets me, that something, that sets me free, is told by someone i trusted with that information that what i said, in a way, was a way, of saying, that it set me free, i will figure something out that i can use on my blog to add all of these videos, i hope these videos set you free, the two that it all started with, that really took my heart away, are i am stronger by unkle adams, along with hopeful by bars and melody, but i hope me and these songs, are a useful start to patching your broken heart, i love you all, and stay strong my warriors <2

Monday, February 16, 2015


you know in songs, how the men and women, would separate into their own parts, to sing while the other is singing something else, along with duets, i was just thinking this the other day, this is how equality is really, men, may be men, and women may be women, but we should not expect men to take on the higher of the responsibilities and think of women very lowly, men are expected to be president, men are expected to be leaders, why not women though, they can be president as much as men can, if it wasn't for women, AND men none of us would be here, stop expecting men to take on higher responsibilities, and women have the lower ones, their lives are as hard as men, i personally, want both, my husband and i, raising my children, i might be raising my children on my own first though....because i would never be able to spend my life without kids, and it will kind of help me to be a good role, no, i am not going to go out and find a cute guy, and me and him go and make babies....even though that doesn't sound like a bad idea- no, stahp! do not go out and get prego ladies, and guys, do not go get ladies prego, but i mean as in adopt, that is another way i can save lives, but yea, any who, i also do not think it's a good idea, for a dad just to raise the kids, certain things, mommy can do, while others, daddy can do, that is why you should never leave, the mom or dad, with the child, because the person you had a kid with, is not a video game, you cannot just stop just because you got bored, i need to maybe work on that....i do not know, but any who, we need both, male, and female, to raise a child, i know it is hard sometimes, but you guys gotta work together, to make it work, team work makes the dream work, but yea....

Happy Valentines Day!

I was just thinking about this right now, and i had told a friend, that was really upset about Valentines day, she was upset that she did not get anything, or a special someone did not notice her, and she was having a rough day, so, i had decided to write her a note, this is a way for her to pour her heart out to me, although she cannot email, message or anything, she pours her hearts onto notes, i love reading notes from her, and i am happy she trusts me with the information she writes on them, and i have them all saved, with any other ones i have, and i love listening, to her talk about what is wrong and pour her heart out to me, and i would make sure that i write her back, that is a promise i cannot break, i will always do my best to answer what i can, when i can, and i do enjoy it, any who, i had mentioned, to her that valentines day is in fact, for that special someone, what people do not realize, is it is not just for crushes, boyfriends, or girlfriends, it is meant for those who you love, and this day, is to make sure they know that they are loved, this can be, spending time, with your best friend, or best animal friend (although sometimes, i am convinced, my friends are all animals, but i cannot say that, because i do believe sometimes, they might as well think of me as an animal, lolz) it can be your mom, or dad, as a best friend, or a sibling, basically this day is meant for you to spread love, from animals, to humans, to aliens (i am a alien ;P lolz, just kidding!) but really, even, it can be, a day to prove to yourself, that you do love who god made you, and who you are to be, but do not focus on the past, to create the future, focus on you and the present to create the future! i love you all <2 i know this is a little....or a bit late, but i do hope that you enjoy your valentines day! <2

Project Icon

Everybody please spread this! I'm doing so please show your support for those who need it!
this is another project we shall do April 20th to May 20th! and if you want me to announce if your birthday is today or another day or not, please, let me know, i would be honored to announce it! <2

The Bracelet Project

pass this on to everyone who is on right now: Please wear orange to show support for self harm awareness day tomorrow. wear orange to show support, black to show that you self harm(ed) and red to show you are available to talk to anyone when they need it.I love friendship bracelets, and i will do the best i can to create these bracelets for you all, you guys, and girls, can make these too, and if you guys think it might be too girly for you, that all that's stopping you, there are guyish kind of bracelets out there, but i think a girl that means the world to you would love one, personally, i think it's cute when guys do things like that! do not let things like that stop you! ;)


self-harm project support | harm suicide and support help show others they re not alone 3 h 0 p e ...

This is the heart project, it's a way of showing we are going to get through this together, and that we are not alone, we can get through all of these things together. for starters, you are not going to get anywhere if you do not believe in yourself, i believe in you, and you can too! <2

Monday, January 5, 2015

In All Honesty #2

Hokai, so! this one, i want you to write, it on a piece of paper, keep the piece of paper with you, when ever you feel depression, or like selfharming, etc., go up to a mirror, can be in the bathroom, anywhere, and take this out, and read it out loud, to yourself, and in the end, look in the mirror, and say you're beautiful, it's true.

1613925_646147088754676_1344300710_n.png (526×515)

hope it works! <3


So! for those of you who are Lovatics! (name for the fandom of demi lovato) this one is partially for you, and since, for those of you, who call me their guardian angel, you are my warrior angels, and this is for you too! so, we have April 16, now we have January 31st! coolioaders (cool) so, yea, this goes along with the one on April 16th, if you want this to be everyday, create a bracelet, that says, any of these for words, and you can make more than one bracelet, i am going to do what i can to do this too! yeah! so, hope this is good, be strong, my warrior angels, and family (like, nonbiological) love you all! also, if you get the hashtag trending, we can say that it's to repect demi lovato!

In All Honesty #1

So, the in all honesty posts, i will have pictures that inspire you, and bring you up basically, for your first one:
 Take Out The Word “Not” From Your Vocab | More Than Skin Deep~a self harm awareness project
So, yea, you are beautiful, ignore the hate, laugh at it if you want, the person will eventually give up, because all they do is make you laugh with their hate, and you might just get positive loving comments, you are more than they say! and you deserve better then you get treated! you are you, and be the you deep down, inside, that you wish to be! and also, be the change you want to see in the world, if you would like to request anything, like projects, or have a favorite quote, or picture, send it to me, you never know! it might just pop up in a post! ;) and be a saussom possum ninja! ;P

The Semi-Colon

Such an amazing idea, would be a good first tattoo but with an amazing meaning!

Yes, April 16, is going to be the official date, and we can call it Semi-Colon day! this is where you draw a semi-colon on your wrist, if you are supporting, people who are any of the suggestions, or, you are close to those, or you just want to be there for others, draw this, on your wrist, if you would like it to be more permanent, i am going to try and find some semi-colon beads, and make bracelets, and at some point, i am going to maybe sell them, so in a way, we know that we are not alone, but i need to find semi-colon beads first, and start working, there will be more like this, but for now, it is officially a date, for anyone connected to this blog, and it kind of, i believe is important, and i will make a calendar for the certain days, but this day is the day before, one of my best friends, and she is like a sister to me, and one of my best guy friends, but yea, they were born on that day, yay! but yea, i hope you participate in this, because i will try to. but if you want it more permanent, i do not mind tattoos, but i would prefer you to make bracelets, there might be a friendship bracelet pattern like that, but yea. 

Draw a picture, with a marker!

Drawing Therapy- for those who struggle with loving themselves please pass it on

I am sorry, for the undergarments, but please ignore, so, this is a suggestion from a therapist, please don't refer to me as one, i don't like being known as a therapist, or counselor, any of those, i am known as a guardian angel to some, and i can be yours too if you like, you can let me know, and one thing i do as a guardian angel, is i am known as a friend, for more common names, any who, this girl, instead of self harming, she drew a picture, please, use a marker for this, so that it doesn't hurt, and it's easily wash-off-able, but this is yet, another suggestion, or project kind of thing, i lvoe you all, like sisters and brothers! <3 good luck

What You Love Project

I think this would be much better than the butterfly project.. Mainly because this one is someone you love not just a little butterfly. It would (hopefully) make it less likely for you to cut.
So, this is the what you love project, yes, yes, it does, sound...mean, and violent, but it somewhat, might just help, this is just another suggestion, and yea, and this might just make it a bit hard to self harm, or hurt yourself in any way. This also helps to remind you , of the people that love you, and you love back, and that will help you remember the good times you had, and the precious words, that you treasure in your heart, that will make your day! hope this helps!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


So! i have seen so many projects, and I am a guardian angel to some people who self harm, and i see these challenges and all, i am going to do random posts about projects you could do to stop your self harming, so, this post tho, is just explaining what's going, if you have self harmer project suggestions, like you came up with your own, i can add that too! so, enjoy!


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