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Monday, January 5, 2015

In All Honesty #2

Hokai, so! this one, i want you to write, it on a piece of paper, keep the piece of paper with you, when ever you feel depression, or like selfharming, etc., go up to a mirror, can be in the bathroom, anywhere, and take this out, and read it out loud, to yourself, and in the end, look in the mirror, and say you're beautiful, it's true.

1613925_646147088754676_1344300710_n.png (526×515)

hope it works! <3


So! for those of you who are Lovatics! (name for the fandom of demi lovato) this one is partially for you, and since, for those of you, who call me their guardian angel, you are my warrior angels, and this is for you too! so, we have April 16, now we have January 31st! coolioaders (cool) so, yea, this goes along with the one on April 16th, if you want this to be everyday, create a bracelet, that says, any of these for words, and you can make more than one bracelet, i am going to do what i can to do this too! yeah! so, hope this is good, be strong, my warrior angels, and family (like, nonbiological) love you all! also, if you get the hashtag trending, we can say that it's to repect demi lovato!

In All Honesty #1

So, the in all honesty posts, i will have pictures that inspire you, and bring you up basically, for your first one:
 Take Out The Word “Not” From Your Vocab | More Than Skin Deep~a self harm awareness project
So, yea, you are beautiful, ignore the hate, laugh at it if you want, the person will eventually give up, because all they do is make you laugh with their hate, and you might just get positive loving comments, you are more than they say! and you deserve better then you get treated! you are you, and be the you deep down, inside, that you wish to be! and also, be the change you want to see in the world, if you would like to request anything, like projects, or have a favorite quote, or picture, send it to me, you never know! it might just pop up in a post! ;) and be a saussom possum ninja! ;P

The Semi-Colon

Such an amazing idea, would be a good first tattoo but with an amazing meaning!

Yes, April 16, is going to be the official date, and we can call it Semi-Colon day! this is where you draw a semi-colon on your wrist, if you are supporting, people who are any of the suggestions, or, you are close to those, or you just want to be there for others, draw this, on your wrist, if you would like it to be more permanent, i am going to try and find some semi-colon beads, and make bracelets, and at some point, i am going to maybe sell them, so in a way, we know that we are not alone, but i need to find semi-colon beads first, and start working, there will be more like this, but for now, it is officially a date, for anyone connected to this blog, and it kind of, i believe is important, and i will make a calendar for the certain days, but this day is the day before, one of my best friends, and she is like a sister to me, and one of my best guy friends, but yea, they were born on that day, yay! but yea, i hope you participate in this, because i will try to. but if you want it more permanent, i do not mind tattoos, but i would prefer you to make bracelets, there might be a friendship bracelet pattern like that, but yea. 

Draw a picture, with a marker!

Drawing Therapy- for those who struggle with loving themselves please pass it on

I am sorry, for the undergarments, but please ignore, so, this is a suggestion from a therapist, please don't refer to me as one, i don't like being known as a therapist, or counselor, any of those, i am known as a guardian angel to some, and i can be yours too if you like, you can let me know, and one thing i do as a guardian angel, is i am known as a friend, for more common names, any who, this girl, instead of self harming, she drew a picture, please, use a marker for this, so that it doesn't hurt, and it's easily wash-off-able, but this is yet, another suggestion, or project kind of thing, i lvoe you all, like sisters and brothers! <3 good luck

What You Love Project

I think this would be much better than the butterfly project.. Mainly because this one is someone you love not just a little butterfly. It would (hopefully) make it less likely for you to cut.
So, this is the what you love project, yes, yes, it does, sound...mean, and violent, but it somewhat, might just help, this is just another suggestion, and yea, and this might just make it a bit hard to self harm, or hurt yourself in any way. This also helps to remind you , of the people that love you, and you love back, and that will help you remember the good times you had, and the precious words, that you treasure in your heart, that will make your day! hope this helps!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


So! i have seen so many projects, and I am a guardian angel to some people who self harm, and i see these challenges and all, i am going to do random posts about projects you could do to stop your self harming, so, this post tho, is just explaining what's going, if you have self harmer project suggestions, like you came up with your own, i can add that too! so, enjoy!


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