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Monday, January 5, 2015

Draw a picture, with a marker!

Drawing Therapy- for those who struggle with loving themselves please pass it on

I am sorry, for the undergarments, but please ignore, so, this is a suggestion from a therapist, please don't refer to me as one, i don't like being known as a therapist, or counselor, any of those, i am known as a guardian angel to some, and i can be yours too if you like, you can let me know, and one thing i do as a guardian angel, is i am known as a friend, for more common names, any who, this girl, instead of self harming, she drew a picture, please, use a marker for this, so that it doesn't hurt, and it's easily wash-off-able, but this is yet, another suggestion, or project kind of thing, i lvoe you all, like sisters and brothers! <3 good luck

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