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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Semi-Colon

Such an amazing idea, would be a good first tattoo but with an amazing meaning!

Yes, April 16, is going to be the official date, and we can call it Semi-Colon day! this is where you draw a semi-colon on your wrist, if you are supporting, people who are any of the suggestions, or, you are close to those, or you just want to be there for others, draw this, on your wrist, if you would like it to be more permanent, i am going to try and find some semi-colon beads, and make bracelets, and at some point, i am going to maybe sell them, so in a way, we know that we are not alone, but i need to find semi-colon beads first, and start working, there will be more like this, but for now, it is officially a date, for anyone connected to this blog, and it kind of, i believe is important, and i will make a calendar for the certain days, but this day is the day before, one of my best friends, and she is like a sister to me, and one of my best guy friends, but yea, they were born on that day, yay! but yea, i hope you participate in this, because i will try to. but if you want it more permanent, i do not mind tattoos, but i would prefer you to make bracelets, there might be a friendship bracelet pattern like that, but yea. 

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