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Monday, January 5, 2015


So! for those of you who are Lovatics! (name for the fandom of demi lovato) this one is partially for you, and since, for those of you, who call me their guardian angel, you are my warrior angels, and this is for you too! so, we have April 16, now we have January 31st! coolioaders (cool) so, yea, this goes along with the one on April 16th, if you want this to be everyday, create a bracelet, that says, any of these for words, and you can make more than one bracelet, i am going to do what i can to do this too! yeah! so, hope this is good, be strong, my warrior angels, and family (like, nonbiological) love you all! also, if you get the hashtag trending, we can say that it's to repect demi lovato!

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