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Monday, February 16, 2015


you know in songs, how the men and women, would separate into their own parts, to sing while the other is singing something else, along with duets, i was just thinking this the other day, this is how equality is really, men, may be men, and women may be women, but we should not expect men to take on the higher of the responsibilities and think of women very lowly, men are expected to be president, men are expected to be leaders, why not women though, they can be president as much as men can, if it wasn't for women, AND men none of us would be here, stop expecting men to take on higher responsibilities, and women have the lower ones, their lives are as hard as men, i personally, want both, my husband and i, raising my children, i might be raising my children on my own first though....because i would never be able to spend my life without kids, and it will kind of help me to be a good role, no, i am not going to go out and find a cute guy, and me and him go and make babies....even though that doesn't sound like a bad idea- no, stahp! do not go out and get prego ladies, and guys, do not go get ladies prego, but i mean as in adopt, that is another way i can save lives, but yea, any who, i also do not think it's a good idea, for a dad just to raise the kids, certain things, mommy can do, while others, daddy can do, that is why you should never leave, the mom or dad, with the child, because the person you had a kid with, is not a video game, you cannot just stop just because you got bored, i need to maybe work on that....i do not know, but any who, we need both, male, and female, to raise a child, i know it is hard sometimes, but you guys gotta work together, to make it work, team work makes the dream work, but yea....

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