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Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

I was just thinking about this right now, and i had told a friend, that was really upset about Valentines day, she was upset that she did not get anything, or a special someone did not notice her, and she was having a rough day, so, i had decided to write her a note, this is a way for her to pour her heart out to me, although she cannot email, message or anything, she pours her hearts onto notes, i love reading notes from her, and i am happy she trusts me with the information she writes on them, and i have them all saved, with any other ones i have, and i love listening, to her talk about what is wrong and pour her heart out to me, and i would make sure that i write her back, that is a promise i cannot break, i will always do my best to answer what i can, when i can, and i do enjoy it, any who, i had mentioned, to her that valentines day is in fact, for that special someone, what people do not realize, is it is not just for crushes, boyfriends, or girlfriends, it is meant for those who you love, and this day, is to make sure they know that they are loved, this can be, spending time, with your best friend, or best animal friend (although sometimes, i am convinced, my friends are all animals, but i cannot say that, because i do believe sometimes, they might as well think of me as an animal, lolz) it can be your mom, or dad, as a best friend, or a sibling, basically this day is meant for you to spread love, from animals, to humans, to aliens (i am a alien ;P lolz, just kidding!) but really, even, it can be, a day to prove to yourself, that you do love who god made you, and who you are to be, but do not focus on the past, to create the future, focus on you and the present to create the future! i love you all <2 i know this is a little....or a bit late, but i do hope that you enjoy your valentines day! <2

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