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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Music Is The Key To My Heart

i told someone something along the lines of the title of this post, or maybe it was music is my life, i told the person one or the other, anywho, their response. That is sad. You know what is really sad, do you know what breaks me?? i try to pour my heart out to this person, but this person does not listen, and this is why i do not feel comfortable telling this person these things, i feel like anyone i tell, listens, but at the same time does not, especially with understanding, this is why i prefer contact with friends, so i have someone that will understand me, but music is a way to wash all my worries just to brighten my day,along with that, there are songs, that can lift your heart, if any of you have been in anyway connected to bullying, i want you to watch and listen to these videos and let them set you free:

Hopeful by Bars and Melody
Mean Girls by Rachel Crow
Invisible by Hunter Hayes
Shining Star by Victoria Vida
Stronger by Megan Landry
Are You Happy Now by Megan and Liz
I Am Stronger by Unkle Adams
Fighter by Jamie Grace
True Colors
Pushed Away by Helena Albert

So far, i only have those songs, and I am doing what i can to make my own bullying song, but yea, so, it upsets me, that something, that sets me free, is told by someone i trusted with that information that what i said, in a way, was a way, of saying, that it set me free, i will figure something out that i can use on my blog to add all of these videos, i hope these videos set you free, the two that it all started with, that really took my heart away, are i am stronger by unkle adams, along with hopeful by bars and melody, but i hope me and these songs, are a useful start to patching your broken heart, i love you all, and stay strong my warriors <2

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